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About Us

Osprey Drones was born out of a need for something special.

While working on a big video production in Derbyshire, we wanted to show off the county in a way that would really thrill our audience – from the air.

It was then that we decided to harness this exciting drone technology to help us reach the level we were striving for.

Now, we’ve opened up a whole world of cinematic opportunity not just for us, but for you.

Gone are the days when you’d need a helicopter for that sweeping shot of a coastline or smooth orbit around a sun-kissed landmark.

We can help you achieve the spectacular, much more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Our pilots are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate drones commercially, trained by one of the country’s top companies, and we’re also fully insured. So you know you’re in safe hands when you fly with us.

We’re based in Derbyshire and operate across the East Midlands. And we’re also qualified to drive one of those boring land-based vehicles as well, so no matter where you are in the UK, we can come to you.


The Gear

When we were searching for our drone, there was one that ticked the boxes for everything we wanted to achieve – the DJI Inspire 1 Pro.

Our quadcopter, crafted by the world’s foremost drone manufacturer DJI, is fitted with a Zenmuse X5 camera and designed specifically for aerial photography and cinematography. Capable of shooting in 4K Ultra HD and taking 16mp stills, the camera is mounted on a gimbal that gives us 360° independent pan control and the ability to tilt from horizontal to vertical in a matter of seconds. The results speak for themselves.

Whatever the camera is pointing at is beamed back to a tablet in your hand, so you can check the shot as it happens and make sure it’s what you’re after.

If you can’t make the shoot and you want us to just head out and nail those shots, that’s no problem. Once we have it in the bag, our pilots can provide you with the footage rapidly, however you want it. You can take the memory card straight out of the drone itself; we can email you stills; or we can stick the whole project on Dropbox and just send you the link.

And our services don’t just end when the Inspire touches down – we have experienced editors who are on hand to turn your footage into a mini-masterpiece.

Thanks to our background in video production, we can even shoot your entire project – from the ground and from the air – and edit the whole thing, too.




 Osprey was born out of a desire to lift corporate videos, tourism promos and adverts from the run-of-the-mill to the truly spectacular, that will hook your audience from the first frame. The best part? Our pricing policy means any marketing project can benefit.

Estate Agency

Marketing a property just with photos and a snappy description is OK. But marketing it with an aerial video, showing potential buyers the house from a unique perspective is the way forward. We can provide orbits around the house, shots of the entire plot, 360 views of the area and much more, to help get those offers flying in. Pun intended.

Film and TV

Our first passion has always been moviemaking and it’s such a thrill seeing a director or crew’s vision enhanced with aerial cinematography. A low-cost alternative to helicopters, the footage we can shoot can bring the blockbuster to the most modest budget.


We’ve helped wedding photographers and videographers capture incredible shots of weddings that have blown the couple away. Shots of the church, the venue or even guest group shots – all have a breathtaking effect.


From music festivals to sailing races, the cinematic imagery we can achieve will add a sparkle of magic to any promo or after movie (which we can edit too, by the way…), all provided to you in a nice, high definition package.


We also offer bespoke training packages for those looking to enhance their video portfolio with smaller budgets, provided by videographers who have notched up national awards for their work. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor this to you.



At Osprey, we don’t believe in a one price fits all policy.

Our mission is to provide awesome aerial cinematography and photography at bespoke and affordable prices. Although we do have standard rates, we always work out the cost of an aerial shoot based specifically on what you want us to do.

So give us a shout, let us know the nature of your project, what you need, when you want us and where, and we can work out a plan together.


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